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In 2016 I sat down and had a candid conversation with my Mother over a cup of tea. She was considering retirement after 35 years of helping people as a Register Nurse. She explained that her struggles with joint pain was a big part of her decision to leave.


This is when I discovered that arthritis and joint pain effects more than just the physical body. It has long term and detrimental effects on her quality of life, her ability to grow in health and prosperity, and worst of all… her mental health.


It was in this moment that I realized there were few options available for people who are suffering from joint pain. My Mother has tried numerous medications, all of which have horrible side effects that vary from loss of appetite to extreme trembling… Some days she couldn't even pour herself a cup of tea.


This is when I decided to make it my mission to improve my dear Mother’s quality of life. I knew that her story would relate to hundreds-of-thousands of people, including yourself. I’m here to tell you that you both deserve better.


Welcome to Living Turmeric. Living Supplements For Mind, Body & Soul


What began as a simple idea evolved into a movement of men and women who demand a health supplement that is affordable, and lets you continue living the high-quality life you’ve grown accustomed to.


The Greatest Wealth, Is Health


Your physical health is the biggest determining factor of your level of happiness. When you treat your body with respect and put good things into it, you live a life that’s full of love and pure joy.


When you take our Living Turmeric supplement each morning, you’re joined in spirit with a tribe of people who are dedicated to improving the lives of themselves, and the lives of others suffering from joint pain.


I never could have imagined the level of success our company has had, from when we first started. I’m so grateful to have the chance to give you your life back… an abundant life, full of laughter and pure bliss.


Our massive community of enlightened supplement users have taken it upon themselves to promote a product that has truly changed their life… And will change yours.


We are improving the supplement industry… gone are the days when a company can sell you a watered-down “powder version” of a health supplement, and claim it has the same health benefits as the concentrated form (Our product is pure concentrated Turmeric).


I truly believe an industry based on REAL health and honesty is possible if we join together and spread the word.


Are you ready to join our movement of healthy and happy supplement users? 


Life Is Too Precious


You saved me. You taught me to value the little comforts in life. And that’s why I started this company… I want you to know that you shouldn’t give up because of one bad chapter in your life.


There are good people out there who want the best for you. We are all connected… You, me, my Mother and our growing tribe of Living Turmeric advocates.


So keep going. Trust that you landed on this site for a reason, and get your “Good Life” back my dear friend.


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Emily Smith

Living Supplements